Get it framed

Our aim is to visually enhance your image and to offer a high level of protection from physical and mechanical damage, airborne pollution and acids generated by framing materials. We endeavour to frame to commended level in line with the Fine Art Trade Guild.
We strive to ensure the mouldings that we use have no significant blemishes. Care must be taken to match the pieces. The moulding should have a rebate that is sufficiently deep to comfortably hold the sandwich. If artwork is likely to touch the moulding, this should be sealed with strips of Conservation or Cotton Museum-quality mountboard.
Mitres are accurately cut, glued and pinned tightly. Corners to be touched up so no unfinished moulding is visible.
We use a windowmount which is used to visually enhance the artwork and distance it from the glazing.
An undermount is always used in our frames, there should be a barrier layer between the artwork and the back board; this is generally made from Conservation mountboard at least 1200 micron thick. The undermount is the same size as the windowmount and hinged to it along the longer side using a gummed conservation tape with a water-soluble adhesive.
The artwork is hinged to the undermount with T-hinges on the top edge, or a similarly reversible process should be used, such as corner pockets made from conservation or museum quality material.
The glass we use is Float glass or better, free from obvious blemishes.
Dust and dirt will be removed and the glass will be cleaned and polished without smears to avoid any contamination.

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